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Makati is the “Selfiest” City in the World

MakatiSelfieMakati can claim another title: The Selfiest City in the World.  According to TIME, Makati (along with Pasig) is the selfie capital of the world based on the number of selfie per capita.  Makati beat Manhattan, Miami, and even Los Angeles and New York.  According to Times’ study, Makati has a data of 258 selfies per 100,000 people.

So what does this mean?  Does this mean that people in Makati are the most vain?  Does this mean that people in Makati have the most smartphones?  Does this mean that people in Makati have the most time in the world?  Or does this mean that we simply like taking pictures of ourselves?

Here is the complete list of the top cities with most selfies per capita: http://time.com/selfies-cities-world-rankings/



When Selfies Go Too Far

Many people have become increasingly irritated by the “selfie phenomenon.”  As more and more people easily acquire smartphones, the selfie has become the favorite past time of many.  I, for one, take a lot of selfies, and I used them for marketing purposes.  So as not to annoy those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I do my best to post a selfie that I think might not offend.  With my self-portraits, I mix in some quotes, especially by Paulo Coelho, my family, and friends, selfies of food and places.  Sometimes, I am guilty, and I post a topless picture of me once in a while.  Haha.

However, I have seen some selfies that are mind-boggling, and some downright tactless.  Just an hour ago, I saw on my Facebook news feed a selfie that truly stupefied me.  Here it is:

Tactless Selfie
According to the photo’s description, the girl is taking a “selfie” with her dead brother.  To some people, this may be perfectly okay.  For me, however, something is not right.

What do you think?  Do you think some selfies just go too far?  Would you pose and take a selfie with your loved ones who just passed away?  What are your opinions?