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Road Rage in the Philippines with Gun and Knife

I ride the taxi all the time, and I have had some of the most bizarre moments.  However, this kind of situation would definitely scare the hell out of me.  Road rage is not uncommon, and it can occur anywhere, but when it is caught on video, it becomes a completely different story.  We get front row tickets to a real life movie, and we begin to discover human nature at its finest, or at its worst, in this case.

I am more forgiving than most drivers I know when it comes to undisciplined behavior on our roads.  My father, on the other hand, is less forgiving, and he demonstrates his road rage by speeding up and passing another driver, and finally cutting him off.  Fortunately, it never ended where the two vehicles would stop and altercation would ensue.  My father respected my mom too much for that as she was always in the front seat.  In fact, my father’s semi-road rage was the cause of many of their arguments.

In my case, I am pretty calm and composed, even when driving here in the Philippines.  At first, I was afraid to drive because of the traffic situation here, especially with the undisciplined drivers and pedestrians, but I finally mustered enough courage to drive around the chaotic streets of Metro Manila.  I stayed within the lines.  I signaled left or right when turning.  I followed the speed limits.  I did not cross on the red light, even when there were no cars around at 2 am.  Yes, I drove the same way I drove when I was in the US.

I don’t have a car right now because I got into an accident a few months ago, and my car was totaled.  I have been earning extra cash, trying to save up so I can buy one pretty soon.  As a result, I have been taking the taxi at least once a day, and my taxi budget is almost Php 10K a month.  So that’s a lot of riding the taxi.  That means I have had first hand knowledge on how taxi drivers behave.  Some of them were really nice, but many of them were horrible drivers, swerving, speeding, and cursing all the time.  They mentioned the word traffic as if they have never seen or been into one.   I have had situations where the taxi driver would even fall asleep at the wheel, and I have had to remind him to stay awake. I have also seen how other drivers cut each other off, and it seemed that they didn’t mind since they, too, cut others off.  Just a vicious cycle of poor discipline.

To not be so stressed out with these moments, I focus on surfing the net with my phone until I get to my destination.

So what would bring two grown men to have the audacity to stop in the middle of traffic and threaten each other with a gun and knife?  And just when you think that the situation has been pacified, what would compel a man without weapons to chase and pursue another who just threatened him with a gun and a knife?

What do you think?