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How to Give Good Advice

How to Give  Good Advice
by Chris Delacruz and JT Tan

Good-AdviceWhen we have problems, it’s so difficult to solve it ourselves. Sometimes, it is easier to help others with their problems. Giving advice to ourselves is much more difficult than giving advice to our friends or family members.  We have learned some really good strategies on giving advice to others.

First, listen. Yeah, just shut up and listen.  Do not talk.  Just listen.  Let the person who has a problem tell you everything first.  Instead of giving feedback right away, just nod your head to let your friend know that you understand their situation.  Sometimes, our friends just need someone who to be there for them, someone who will not judge, someone who tries to understand first.

Second, be patient. Don’t think that you can solve problems right away. Some problems do take time to be fixed. Some wounds just need time to heal.  If you’re looking for a quick fix to some problems, then you’re on the wrong track when giving advice.  Sometimes, the advice we give won’t take effect right away.  Sometimes, our friends won’t even take the words of wisdom immediately.  They become stubborn, and they continue to repeat the mistakes.  Just be patient, and don’t give up on your friend.

This is my student and new friend, JT. I’m trying to help him out, and I know I need to be super patient with him. Good luck to you JT.

Finally, ask your friend what solutions they have in mind. Sometimes, your friend may already have the solution. It’s better if you ask them for options.  You might be surprised that they already know the answer to their own problems.  They just have a hard time implementing it.  And if they come up with no solutions, then you can offer your own solutions. Just don’t insist on it.  Don’t force your friends to take it.

When we have problems, we want someone to help us. We want to hear our friends’ opinion or advice. It’s much better if we are prepared to give advice as well so that we don’t antagonize or make matters worse. Next time a friend or family member needs advice, just listen, be patient, and ask your friend for their own solutions.  And if a friend doesn’t solve his problem right away, just remember, it is not your fault.  You can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t force ’em to drink.



How to Improve your English

How to Improve your English
by Fatima Fatouhi

Fatima (Filipina) and her husband (Iraqi).
Fatima (Filipina) and her husband (Iraqi).

I have worked in Dubai for four years, and I just recently married and came home to the Philippines. I am now studying at the American Institute for English Proficiency, and I need to improve my English first before I migrate to Australia where my husband resides.

English is the international language and  also the primary language of several countries where we Filipinos are seeking to be employed or migrate to.  In fact, English is in the Constitution as the national language of the Philippines.  English is the foundation in which we are able to communicate with everyone regardless of their national origin.

For us Filipinos, English is our second language, but our parents and teachers urge us to be as fluent as possible in English for various purposes.  Fluency and knowledge in the English language could change our lifestyle; it is the key of success for our career.

Here are some tips on improving your English:

  1. Read. Read. Read.  Yes, I typed that word “read” thrice because I cannot emphasize enough how important reading is.  Read anything from books to magazines and newspapers
  2. Listen.  And I really mean listen, not just hear.  Listening requires the heart and the mind, not just the ear.  Pay attention.  Focus.  Concentrate.  Talk to English speakers and listen.  When you have great listening skills, you improve.
  3. Watch.  If you don’t have anyone to converse with, watch movies as much as you can.

These could be the steps that can improve your English better.  It will develop your thinking skills and expand your vocabulary.  English is the great armor and weapon to bring all over the world.  Enhance yourself  and be a smart English speaker.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fatima Fatouhi is currently a student at the American Institute for English Proficiency.