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Improve your Public Speaking and Grammar Skills

Want to improve your life? How about improving your confidence through an English class at the American Institute for English Proficiency. When you develop your confidence, many things follow because when you are confident, you are empowered to go beyond and out of your comfort zone. You are more willing to take on new skills, to meet people, and to go further in your career.

We are offering PSG Course (Public Speaking and Grammar) at FREE TUITION right now for the first 20 students or while seats are left.


The American Institute – Dance Edition – Every Sunday

Most Filipinos love to sing and dance. It seems that it is part of our nature to perform and entertain, if not for others, for our own self-enjoyment. It doesn’t matter on the age, young or old, we will shake it. Heck, even my mom and my grandmother will dance at every family gathering.

At The American Institute, we have innovated learning English by including dance as part of our activities. What does this have to do with English? Well, learning English should not just be in the four walls of the classroom. Speaking English should be taken beyond so that it becomes more natural. Our students become more confident when speaking English in a natural setting.

Hey, it’s also a good way to get in shape!!! If you want to join us every Sunday, text me at 0917-850-3456. It’s Php 300 for three hours of movin’ and groovin’.

Bonding with Colleauges

2a1ceb92930b11e181bd12313817987b_7Bonding with colleagues is an integral part of the culture of The American Institute, since we are a young, upstart company of only 15 employees. When we hire someone, we make sure that they understand our culture and that they can fully immerse themselves in the things we do like traveling, dining, dancing, singing, and partying, and other social activities. They must be able to take part with us in activities such as community service and academic events.

Although we like to do similar things, we have a lot of differences.  We are able to respect each others differences.  Actually, these differences also make our school better and stronger because it provides diversity and variety.  We respect an individuals point of view, even if they are completely different or opposite popular opinion.

How about you?  Do you have a workforce that bonds a lot?