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PS Bank Doesn’t Know its Own Paypal Bank Code

So I was trying to withdraw money from my Paypal account to my PS Bank account.  In order to this, I need to input the “bank code” of PS Bank on the online request form of Paypal.  One of our staff members at The American Institute called PS Bank, and we were given the usual bank customer service run-around.  Basically, they did not know it.  It’s really surprising that even the bank itself would not know their own bank codes.  Perhaps the CSR was not trained properly.  So we called again, and another CSR did not have an answer.

Fortunately, we are tech savvy, and in a few minutes on Google, we found the answer.  It seems that Metro Bank and PS Bank share the same bank code.  Here it is: 010269996.


Christmas Parties in the Philippines

ChristmasBallsChristmas is upon us, and the malls are full of sales, the streets are bright with lights, and the relatives are returning home.

Christmas is a time of giving, receiving, sharing, and of course, celebrating.  As many companies will be celebrating their corporate Christmas parties, we at The American Institute will celebrate ours with a special twist: A Masquerade Christmas.  Every year, we have a different theme: from Red Carpet Movie Premier to this year’s Masquerade Ball.  We are a very open community, and if you would like to meet new friends, you may join us. The information can be found here:

Rosdom, Vin, Leah, and Chris
Rosdom, Vin, Leah, and Chris

How are you celebrating your Christmas?  For many who have loved ones abroad, Christmas is the time of reunion.  Coming home and seeing your parents, brothers, and sisters can be the best gift of all.  This year, my family from Las Vegas is visiting, and we are spending our Christmas season together in Ilocos Norte.  This is the first time that we are reunited as one in over eight years.  It is one of the happiest moments of my life.  The best gift of them all is the gift of family.  Advanced Merry Christmas to your and your family.