My GMA Artist Center students. I also work with Star Magic.

I am never too busy.  Instead, I say that I’m very active or highly involved.  And life is not short.  Life is just the right amount of time, as God has given us.


American Institute for English Proficiency – Makati and Quezon City Branch – YES, two  branches!  Yehey!

Lifestyle Filipino – A website dedicated to English and communication and Filipino lifestyle and culture.  I just started blogging.  I’m hoping to become a superstar blogger someday.

The American Institute Blog – AIEP’s second blog site.  I hope to reactivate this very soon.

More about me:

Christopher R. Delacruz is one of the founders of the American Institute for English Proficiency (AIEP), the Philippines’ premiere training center for English proficiency training and career development and the biggest locally grown English  in the Philippines called United Professionals for English and Communication (UPEC).  Click on the following links for more information about me:

Young, Articulate, and Bold – Manila Bulletin
Chris Delacruz Promotes Kindness – Seattle University
Chris Delacruz Introduction and Resume


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The Filipino experience through the senses of Chris Delacruz

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