How to Know if He or She Really Likes You

Image Source: CNN/Google Image
Image Source: CNN/Google Image

How to Know if He or She Really Likes You
by John “JT” Tan

Love is so unfair.

When you’re trying to be perfect for the one that you love, sometimes it may end up to rejection or the person you love might ignore you. But when you try to play with others, they end up falling in love with you, and the bad thing is, you don’t love or even like them.

I don’t know how to explain that situation. It’s just that the people who are mostly rejected are the ones who are really sincere. Maybe sincere people don’t know how to explain it or show it because they are shy.

Sometimes, we are so confused when the heart and the mind don’t coordinate well. However, I have observed some ways to help out because I have been in and out of love many time.  These are three things that I can consider on how to identify if that person really likes you.

First one is try to be with him/her.  Not in bed of course.  Try to be with him/her means try make him/her as your friend. The best way of knowing other people’s background, attitude and any other stuff is to be with them.

The next one is to be friends with his/her friend.  Sometimes, their friend can’t stop their talkative big mouth from “talking some shit,” especially when they are drunk, and their friends sometimes can be the reason for you to know about her and her feelings.

The third way to identify if that person really likes you is to stop being numb.  Stop being so picky.  Don’t set too much standard, or else you will lose those people who are really sincere.

Value your self a lot. If the person doesn’t like you then stop pushing yourself to them. There are billions of people in the world so don’t stick to someone who does not value you.  Learn on how to identify true people from impostor.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John “JT” Tan is a former student of the American Institute for English Proficiency Quezon City Branch.


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