Finding Inspiration

Christian is a student at American Institute for English Proficiency, and he is planning to become an attorney.  Visit AIEP at
Christian is a student at American Institute for English Proficiency, and he is planning to become an attorney. Visit AIEP at

Finding Inspiration
by Christian Quadra and Chris Delacruz

When do you usually feel like life is so hard that all you want to do is just throw in the towel and give up?  Does it get harder when you don’t know what to do?  There comes a time in our life when things get so difficult that we lose our sense of direction.  Whether it’s because of work, family, relationship, or even money, as in most cases, we tend to lose sight of our goals, and all we have is the feeling of doubt and confusion.  For most of us, we can get out of a rut and continue to pursue our life-long dreams.  In my case, I have been looking for a job for the past six months, and they have all rejected me.  It has gotten to the point where I was no longer motivated, and all I wanted to do was stay at home.  There is a proverb that goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”  It means that when we have nothing to do, we become filled with negativity, and we continue to lose that inspiration.  Fortunately for me, I am starting to find my way back because I have seen signs of inspiration.  Now, I would like to share these signs of inspiration with you so that you can get back on track towards your dreams.

  1. Source: Google Images
    Source: Google Images

    We really do take nature for granted sometimes.  Those who live in the city are so busy living the corporate life in a concrete jungle that traffic, pollution, nice, and congestion have become the norm, and they have been desensitized to these things.  Once or twice a year, we remember to commune with nature because we have had it, and we were always busy.  Little did we know that nature can help inspire us in so many ways.  Nature is beauty.  And what is beautiful is inspiring.  Get out of the city as much as you can.For me, I love going to the beach, and Batangas is one of the closest place to go to.  If you can, go to Pagudpud, Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, or  Calaguas.  The more “virgin” the beach, the better.  When I am at the beach, I am in awe because of it’s beauty: the azure mountains in the backdrop, the white fine sand, the crystal clear water, and the clear blue sky.  The sunrise and the sunset are definitely my special moments because it is quiet, and I feel positive and peaceful.  When I get back to the city, I am inspired to go at it again.

  2. Source: Google Images
    Source: Google Images

    Sometimes, we lose inspiration because we are stuck with the old.  In Ilocos, where my English mentor is from, he told me that when he goes there, he would always ask everyone, “how’s  everything?”  They would always answer with, “Kastoy latta,” which means, “It’s the same.”  This kind of mentality that the people have makes it an uninspiring one because everything is always the same.  Nothing ever changes.  I would highly recommend that you find something new because when it’s new, there is a certain kind of excitement and enthusiasm that goes with it.  Have a new hobby, a new set of clothes, and new friends.  You can even have your mind and body renewed.In my case, I did something new, and it completely inspired me.  I got a new bike as a gift, and for the first time in my adult life, I felt like a kid again as I took my bike for a spin around the neighborhood.  When you feel like a kid, you get more energy, and this energy converts into excitement and enthusiasm, which are fuel for your inspiration.  I also took up a new class, where I am developing my English and communication skills.  Yes, I had these classes before, but this is new again for me because I am learning new things, such as advanced grammar, public speaking, and even critical thinking.  With new activities, I have reinvigorated my passion for learning and revived my child-like qualities, both of which give me a renewed energy for me to continue pursuing goals.  As for you, you may want to pick up a new hobby, go to the gym, or even meet new friends.

  3. youth-bible-studyAnd if you can’t do it alone, find someone who can help to inspire you.  Sometimes, our pride gets the best of us, and we would rather keep the problem to ourselves until we find our own ways of solving them.  This can be unhealthy or even dangerous to your progress because you are bottling things up until it explodes.  No man is an island, as they say, and so sharing your difficulty with others can be a great way to find solutions to your lack of inspiration or lack of motivation.  There are people out there who are willing to help out such as your friends and family.I had a support group.  Every Friday night, we would all gather and discuss the gospel and how it affects our lives.  We reflect on this, and we share our life stories so that the other members of the group can relate, and sometimes, even give the most creative solutions.  Every time I was with them, I felt so inspired, especially when Lani shared her story about her medical school plans.  To make a long story short, Lani struggled throughout her childhood and even into adulthood, but she managed to be a successful doctor.  Support groups, even like a bible study group, can truly inspire you with their stories of hardships and success.

When we lose hope, when the candle burns out, it is difficult to have that spark once again.  We begin to burn out ourselves, and we realize that it is so much harder to get back on track.  However, there are sources of inspiration where we can get back on track again.  Whether it’s nature, in new things, or in support group, there is always a way back.  The road to success isn’t an easy one, but it can surely be an amazing journey if we know how to find inspiration.  We value success, and it is only when we focus on our self, to improve, to strive, and to pursue that we can reach our dreams.  I recommend that when the going gets tough, relax because the inspirations could just be right in front of your eyes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christian is a student at the American Institute for English Proficiency where he is focusing on critical writing, advanced grammar, and public speaking.


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