Ten Reasons You Need to Learn English Now

Ten Reasons You Need to Learn English Now
by Sanaz Raeisi
AsianMaleProfessionalI have been living here in the Philippines for the last four years, and I must say that my English has improved dramatically.  I have better speaking skills, and my confidence is stronger than ever when it comes to talking to all kinds of people, especially Filipinos who speak very well and native English speakers.
For some odd reason though, many Filipinos, despite living in a country where English is the national language, they have not improved much.  Maybe it’s because they don’t see the importance of learning English.  For those who are still not sure if English is important, here are 10 reasons why you should really learn English now:
  1. POPULARITY.  English  is the most popular language in the  world.  About 400 million people speak English and 500 million people use English as a second language .  The total estimated is  one billion people worldwide will understand this language.  When you learn English, you have access to all these people.
  2. COMPUTER.  Approximately 80% of computer information  can be processed in English.  When it comes to learning computer skills and using the computer in general, it becomes easier when you know English very well.  In this age of information, you always access the computer.  You must as well get comfortable by knowing English.
  3. PRINT MEDIA.  English is the official language of exchanged media and press. About half of the worldwide papers are published in English. Only  in India, three thousand magazines are published in English. So, If you always want to be updated with the latest news and information, English is the language you must know.
  4. TRENDING.  English is the language that most people in the world are learning.  Currently, about a billion people are learning the language.  Two hundred fifty thousand people in China learn English only through television.  Learn English now; you don’t want to get left behind.
  5. TEXT MESSAGES.  Seventy-five percent of the worldwide text messages sent around the world are in English.  Philippines is actually the “texting capital of the world.”   I believe, however, the most Filipinos do not text well in English and use “jejemon” instead.
  6. INTERNET INFORMATION.  More than 80% of websites are written in English.  So if you want to have more information from the web, learn English.  Furthermore, about 70% of emails sent around the world are in English.
  7. BROADCAST MEDIA.  Six of some of the largest information networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC, CNN)  are broadcasted in English.  You get better, more trusted information.
  8. EASY TO SPEAK.  There are more than 600 thousand words in English, but it is estimated that by learning only 1,500 to 2,000 words , you can already converse internationally.  Of course, you want to speak well, so you should really be learning more.   The point is, you actually don’t need that much English to start conversing.
  9. TRAVEL.  Travel is easier, more comfortable, and more fun if you know English!  You can travel to 45 English speaking countries without a guide or translator.  Most people in the Philippines are English speakers.  In fact, some of the best English schools like the American Institute for English Proficiency is located right here in the Philippines.
  10. WORK.  Learning English can be an advantage  to migrate or  to find work in even non-English-speaking countries .  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US are all looking for migrant workers.
With all these reasons, why aren’t you learning or trying to improve your English yet?  Learning any language will open your vision towards life and you will have a more mature character and even you will strengthen your mind.  You will become more dynamic and your personality becomes better and brighter.  Start today.  It’s never too late.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sanaz is a former student, now a marketing specialist, at the American Institute for English Proficiency.

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