Preparing Ourselves with a Purpose Driven Life

Preparing Ourselves with a Purpose Driven Life
by John Tan

John is a student at the American Institute for English Proficiency:
John is a student at the American Institute for English Proficiency:

I really really thought that after death, there is no more.  I thought that this world is our real home.  Before, I was so afraid to die because my family, friends, home, happiness, and everything I love is here.  I thought life is just all about living on Earth with people you love.  But i was wrong.

After I began reading the book, A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, I realized that living in this world is just a preparation for the next.  As the Bible says, “This world is not our home; we are looking forward to our everlasting home in heaven.”  Because of what I had read, there are three things that come to mind. I must do these three things before the final judgment.

The first one is “to love” because in heaven we don’t have enemies.  Next is “to announce,” which is the real purpose of life because I wouldn’t want to go to heaven all by myself.  I also want my family, friends and everybody to be there after the final judgment.  The last one is “to accept.”  Accept whom?  Of course God and his only begotten son, Jesus.  He is our creator and our leader in heaven.

I value life because we cannot rehearse nor prepare ourselves before entering the kingdom of God if there is no life.  All of us should use our life with a purpose.  It’s not bad to commit mistakes or sin because we are not perfect, but we should not drown ourselves in doing bad things.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Tan is a student at the American Institute for English Proficiency (Quezon City branch).


17 thoughts on “Preparing Ourselves with a Purpose Driven Life”

    1. SO, Great ideas and I agree with you Chris that is good saying of JT. And now it comes out from him what he learned from that books. He sounds like a pastor even if not much in his look. Maybe If someone looking at him. But as we know him that he is a good and kind of a person. So, very inspiring JT. Just keep it up! And everybody here for you and we love you as a team and second family from AIEP. GOD bless us guys! Welcome to everyone 🙂


  1. Hi JT!i’m so inspired by your is to short to waste; just keep moving. I’ll be waiting for your next article.see you soon..


  2. Well said, JT. You made your point very well…. People should know the reason we are alive. You are right, it is because God wanted to love you and the first purpose of your life is to be loved by God! Yes we know, it is important to serve him, obey, and trust him, but we can’t do this if we don’t know our first purpose…… to love Him…. keep reading JT, I am so blessed with your thoughts.

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  3. It’s really an inspiring book, It helps a lot in our everyday life.. I used to read this book but, unfortunately I didn’t finish reading it…My friend let me borrowed hers but I misplaced it 😦 .. But because of your post I’m really interested in finishing it…


    1. I am sure Don can get you a copy as gift. Hehe. You and Don should read it together because it is supposed to be finished by partners. They help each other when one is down or can no longer finish it.


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