Why Women Take Longer in the Shower than Men

Why Women Take Longer in the Shower than Men
by Leah Armada

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Women are more particular than men when it comes to the bathroom and taking a bath.  For me,  I do take the time when taking a bath to make sure that my skin is very clean.  I am extremely particular when it comes to beauty as well.  I would always want to be at my best when going out.  Here in the Philippines, we are always exposed to pollution, dirt, and even sunlight, all of which make us sweat profusely.  We women take a lot of time because we want to maintain our beauty and femininity.  In addition to that, bathing for an extended period of time also helps to improve blood circulation since warm water improves the flow of blood throughout the body.  We need both health and beauty, right?

What about you?  How long do you stay in the bathroom?  Do you take your time as well?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leah Armada is a former student, currently a marketing supervisor, at the American Institute for English Proficiency (Makati and Quezon City).


One thought on “Why Women Take Longer in the Shower than Men”

  1. I think it’s hard to stay in the bathroom for a long time here in the Philippines. Why? Hmmm…sometimes, there is no hot water. Sometimes, there is no bathtub. Sometimes, there is no shower. We use a dipper and a pail. Hahaha.


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