Eating Human and Babies in China: Truth or Hoax

I’m not gonna lie.  When I was scrolling down my Facebook Feed and saw this image, I almost threw up.  My initial response was that of disgust.


This is the description posted on the photo:

Nakita ko sa isang site tong mga pictures nato. nakakaiyak! -.- SINUNDAN ko ng sinundan hanggang nalaman kong sinasadya pala nilang mabuntis para pag sumapit na ang 2-3 buwan ay sadyang ipapalaglag na nila yung bata tapos ibebenta para kainin. masakit isipin na walang kamuwang muwang ang batang ito para gawin sakanya ang mga ganung bagay. hindi natin alam kung ano ang maari nilang gawin para mapaunlad pa ang ating lipunan para sa mga susunod na henerasyon. masakit isipin na pinagkaitan sila ng buhay ng kanilang mga nagulang na walang inintindi kundi ang magpasarap at magpayaman intindihin ang sarili at hindi na inisip na nakakapatay na sila. -.- </3 RIP ANGELS!

This is REALITY !
Sa bansang China po ito.

Watch this.

This image has gone viral as it has gotten nearly 15,000 shares.  Of course, like most of you, I don’t believe everything I see on the internet.  Before we judge, we should have enough knowledge or information first.  So I tried to click on the Youtube link posted above to no avail.  A quick Google search yielded this information on Wikipedia:

Child cannibalism or fetal cannibalism describes the act of eating a child or fetus. Controversy was sparked when images showing what appeared to be human fetuses were being published in China. Reports later explained that the images were part of an artist’s exhibition (Zhu Yu) and was not a real fetus but just to be in a contemporary artwork, although Zhu claimed otherwise. [1] The artwork is called “Eating people” and was made to protest against cannibalism.[2]

The human being is very visual and emotional.  Sometimes, we quickly judge because of what our eyes and feelings tells us.  This can be dangerous because we may wrongly judge or accuse others.  At this time, I don’t have enough information except these three things: one, the image is quite grotesque and disturbing, two, it may not be as what it seems, and three, I need to get more information about this topic.


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