When Selfies Go Too Far

Many people have become increasingly irritated by the “selfie phenomenon.”  As more and more people easily acquire smartphones, the selfie has become the favorite past time of many.  I, for one, take a lot of selfies, and I used them for marketing purposes.  So as not to annoy those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I do my best to post a selfie that I think might not offend.  With my self-portraits, I mix in some quotes, especially by Paulo Coelho, my family, and friends, selfies of food and places.  Sometimes, I am guilty, and I post a topless picture of me once in a while.  Haha.

However, I have seen some selfies that are mind-boggling, and some downright tactless.  Just an hour ago, I saw on my Facebook news feed a selfie that truly stupefied me.  Here it is:

Tactless Selfie
According to the photo’s description, the girl is taking a “selfie” with her dead brother.  To some people, this may be perfectly okay.  For me, however, something is not right.

What do you think?  Do you think some selfies just go too far?  Would you pose and take a selfie with your loved ones who just passed away?  What are your opinions?


11 thoughts on “When Selfies Go Too Far”

  1. It may be weitd for some (including myself), but maybe it’s a cultural thing? Apparently in one of our provinces in the country, it’s normal to hire photographers during a funeral so that lived ones can have their pictures taken with the deceased


    1. Perhaps you’re right that he is not yet dead. However, judgmental would not be the correct word here. Perhaps “jumping the gun” or “pre-judgment” would be a better term.


  2. It is indeed mind-boggling, and even mortifying if this so was true… on the other hand, there might have been a misconception. The “might,” begging for the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this selfie was taken when her brother was still alive – apparently sleeping – probably for the lack of good pictures with both of them in it.

    Then again, in general, you are right, but apparently, as so much for everyone’s benefit, her brother could not have been dead in that photo – or she is some heartless sister.


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