Do Most People Believe Vhong Navarro over Deniece Cornejo?

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Navarro accuses Cornejo and friends of bodily injury and extortion.

Cornejo accuses Navarro of rape.

ABS-CBN reports.  GMA reports.  The Fort condominium may be slapped with a lawsuit for not cooperating.  Justice Department may even get involved.

Netizens weigh in.  Some smart.  Some are just plain stupid.

What do you think?


What is the #1 Filipino Food?

Eating could be a considered a past time in the Philippines.  My friends tell me that I have become very Filipino because I talk about other food (usually food for the next meal) while eating.  When I was on vacation in my province, we ate almost 10 times a day.  Yes, Filipinos love to eat.  But what is the Filipino’s favorite Filipino food?

Adobo-PinakbetPhoto Source: Google Images

Questions Arise in Beating of Actor Vhong Navarro

Credit: ABS-CBN
Credit: ABS-CBN

From time to time, I do worry about my own safety because of news like this.  Years ago, when I first moved back to the Philippines, I was the victim of a “hold up,” and I can still remember this horrifying experience.  Fortunately, I was not beaten up, and I managed to just move on with my life like most other “hold up” victims.  I moved to a condo in Eastwood, and I felt very safe and secure there.  After six years, I moved to another condo near my office in Quezon City, and it is less secure.  On the first night I moved here, my car was keyed.  There were also “hold ups” nearby.  I was thinking I may be next.  Thank God, I am safe.

I got curious about Navarro’s case because beatings and extortion could happen to anyone.  When I first moved here, I have heard of these incidents, but I never thought it could happen to me.  It did.  I searched and searched about this story that happened three days ago, but I wasn’t able to find any more information.  Therefore, I only have questions:

  1. Where is the information? I thought the initial police report is public record.
  2. What happened to the journalists?  Aren’t they able to provide more information?  It has been three days, and we still do not have much.
  3. Why are the photos circulating on the internet provided by Navarro himself?
  4. What is the name of the condominium?
  5. Who is this female friend?
  6. What was the purpose of the female friend’s invitation?
  7. Were there any arrests?
  8. Were there any witnesses?
  9. Why are there no interviews from journalists of neighbors, guards and relatives?
  10. Is this a publicity stunt? Does Navarro have an upcoming project?

When I walk alone at night, I always try to be as vigilant and as careful as possible.  I do hope that this never happens to anyone.  If it can happen to people like me, to high profile people like Navarro, then it can happen to anyone.  Let’s continue to pray for his recovery and hope that justice will be served.

2016 President is Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos, Jr.

Senator Bong Bong MarcosFerdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos, Jr. is 2016 president of the Philippines.  That is at least if the result of the’s survey were to manifest itself into reality.  According to the website, which does a survey and ranking of different subjects, the son of the former President Marcos ranks #1, out of 5,330 netizens or online voters, followed closely by the feisty but brilliant Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  A distant third is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and former senator Richard “Dick” Gordon is a distant fourth; even more distant in 5th is former presidential candidate Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, Jr.

Senator Miriam Defensor SantiagoThe survey asks the question: Who is your most trusted to become our next Philippine President ‘2016?  One would expect Vice President Jejomar Binay to rank higher, but he only comes in a distant 7th, with current President Aquino in 6th if he could be re-elected.  Rounding up the top 10 are Senator Chiz Escudero, Secretary Mar Roxas, and former senator Panfilo Lacson in 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively.  With the Filipino’s affinity for showbiz and actors/athletes as politicians, there are three who made the top 20: Governor Vilma Santos (#11), former president Joseph Estrada (#14), and Manny Pacquiao (#20).

Do you like the results of this survey?  Do you think Bong Bong Marcos would make the best president out of all these possible candidates?

Eating Human and Babies in China: Truth or Hoax

I’m not gonna lie.  When I was scrolling down my Facebook Feed and saw this image, I almost threw up.  My initial response was that of disgust.


This is the description posted on the photo:

Nakita ko sa isang site tong mga pictures nato. nakakaiyak! -.- SINUNDAN ko ng sinundan hanggang nalaman kong sinasadya pala nilang mabuntis para pag sumapit na ang 2-3 buwan ay sadyang ipapalaglag na nila yung bata tapos ibebenta para kainin. masakit isipin na walang kamuwang muwang ang batang ito para gawin sakanya ang mga ganung bagay. hindi natin alam kung ano ang maari nilang gawin para mapaunlad pa ang ating lipunan para sa mga susunod na henerasyon. masakit isipin na pinagkaitan sila ng buhay ng kanilang mga nagulang na walang inintindi kundi ang magpasarap at magpayaman intindihin ang sarili at hindi na inisip na nakakapatay na sila. -.- </3 RIP ANGELS!

This is REALITY !
Sa bansang China po ito.

Watch this.

This image has gone viral as it has gotten nearly 15,000 shares.  Of course, like most of you, I don’t believe everything I see on the internet.  Before we judge, we should have enough knowledge or information first.  So I tried to click on the Youtube link posted above to no avail.  A quick Google search yielded this information on Wikipedia:

Child cannibalism or fetal cannibalism describes the act of eating a child or fetus. Controversy was sparked when images showing what appeared to be human fetuses were being published in China. Reports later explained that the images were part of an artist’s exhibition (Zhu Yu) and was not a real fetus but just to be in a contemporary artwork, although Zhu claimed otherwise. [1] The artwork is called “Eating people” and was made to protest against cannibalism.[2]

The human being is very visual and emotional.  Sometimes, we quickly judge because of what our eyes and feelings tells us.  This can be dangerous because we may wrongly judge or accuse others.  At this time, I don’t have enough information except these three things: one, the image is quite grotesque and disturbing, two, it may not be as what it seems, and three, I need to get more information about this topic.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Blog

ImageBlog?  What the hell is a blog?  Why should I blog?  Well, I’m sure you can use Google search and just search for that meaning.  So just to put it as simple as possible here, a blog is something you write online on your website on a regular basis.  It could be about anything.  Sounds exciting, isn’t it?  Not really, at first.

But once you begin to unravel this complex world of blogging, once you get your feet wet, you will see that there is a whole new world out there just waiting for you to conquer.

So no more beating around the bush.  WHY BLOG?

  1. You will improve your English and communication skills.  You will become a better writer and speaker.
  2. You will develop your critical thinking skills.  Yes, you will become a better, more creative thinker.
  3. You will live a more purposeful and meaningful life.  Your life will start to find more meaning.
  4. You will become more disciplined.  You will form better habits, better time management.
  5. You will definitely meet new people.  You will be introduced to all kinds of people.
  6. You will become more confident.  You will assert yourself when you speak and write.
  7. You will be filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  You will enjoy giving your thoughts and opinions.
  8. You will earn some money.  You could be making some serious dough.
  9. You will become an inspiration to others.  Your voice, your opinion can change others.
  10. You will improve your knowledge.  You will be learning so much more.

All right.  So here are 10 reasons.  I bet you, you are not fully convinced to start blogging.  Maybe you need more explanation (I’ll do that later).  Or perhaps you are not ready to welcome the 10 benefits listed above.  After all, you feel safe in your comfort zone.  Perhaps you have a better way of achieving some of those things listed above.  Blogging is not for everyone.  All I can say is, I’m willing to give it a try.  Are you?

How to Make a Woman Happy

ImageThey say that a woman is so emotional that it is definitely very difficult to please her.  She can swing from one mood to another in the blink of an eye.  In fact, she can change her mind in an instant, and there goes the plan.  On the other hand, a man relies less on his emotion, so it is so much easier to please him.  Simple mind, simple pleasures.  Do you agree?

I found this on my FB News Feed (Rural Recordsz), and it might shed some light on this issue.


  1. Feed him.
  2. Sleep with him.
  3. Leave him with peace
  4. Don’t check his phone
  5. Don’t bother him with his movements.

HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN HAPPY.  To make a woman happy, a man only needs to be:

  1. a friend
  2. a companion
  3. a lover
  4. a brother
  5. a father
  6. a master
  7. a chef
  8. an electrician
  9. a plumber
  10. a mechanic
  11. a carpenter
  12. a decorator
  13. a stylist
  14. a sexologist
  15. a gynecologist
  16. a psychologist
  17. a pest exterminator
  18. a psychiatrist
  19. a healer
  20. a good listener
  21. an organizer
  22. a good father
  23. very clean
  24. sympathetic
  25. athletic
  26. warm
  27. attentive
  28. gallant
  29. intelligent
  30. funny
  31. creative
  32. tender
  33. strong
  34. understanding
  35. tolerant
  36. prudent
  37. ambitious
  38. capable
  39. courageous
  40. determined
  41. true
  42. dependable
  43. passionate
  45. give her compliments regularly
  46. Go shopping with her
  47. be honest
  48. be very rich
  49. not stress her out
  50. not look at other girls
  52. give her lots of attention
  53. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
  54. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes.
  56. never forget *birthdays *anniversaries *valentine *arrangements she makes.


Awesome Magic in Video Editing

I have always been mesmerized by magic and the magicians, especially when it’s so spectacular that my eyes can’t believe it. With the help of technology, we can all become magicians, so-to-speak. I wish I would be more tech-savvy so that I can create my own magic, in this case, using video editing software. I would also like to create special effects on my own. No need for big movie production studios. Just good home-made stuff.  Here’s the video:

What is your favorite “magic” here? Me, I have not decided yet.

When Selfies Go Too Far

Many people have become increasingly irritated by the “selfie phenomenon.”  As more and more people easily acquire smartphones, the selfie has become the favorite past time of many.  I, for one, take a lot of selfies, and I used them for marketing purposes.  So as not to annoy those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I do my best to post a selfie that I think might not offend.  With my self-portraits, I mix in some quotes, especially by Paulo Coelho, my family, and friends, selfies of food and places.  Sometimes, I am guilty, and I post a topless picture of me once in a while.  Haha.

However, I have seen some selfies that are mind-boggling, and some downright tactless.  Just an hour ago, I saw on my Facebook news feed a selfie that truly stupefied me.  Here it is:

Tactless Selfie
According to the photo’s description, the girl is taking a “selfie” with her dead brother.  To some people, this may be perfectly okay.  For me, however, something is not right.

What do you think?  Do you think some selfies just go too far?  Would you pose and take a selfie with your loved ones who just passed away?  What are your opinions?